Eileen’s background is not what you’d call typical for a crime writer. She currently lives with her husband of 50+ years in rural Northumberland.

She’s lived a varied and happy life, bringing up 2 children, moving around England from sleepy peaceful town to sleepy peaceful town, before upping sticks to move to Greece then Spain for a retirement in the sun.

From a young age Eileen was captured by the drama and enjoyment a novel can bring, she remembers reading a James Bond novel to younger children when she was as young as 8, and her passion for a gripping yarn only grew from then.

Some might say that a happy, quiet home life could mean a lack of ideas, of experiences. Not so the case for Eileen, her stories are filled with the twists and turns you might expect to hear from a criminal lawyer or a member of the Police, and the tales follow her characters all over the world.