Recommended Retail Price ???

I was a bit startled to see my latest book was selling for over 1,800 – well wouldn’t you be when the RRP is only £9.99? I was indignant and went dashing to the website and checked everything I could, to work out how someone somewhere was selling Death Stings for 1,790 more than the price brand new from the publisher…

It took a few minutes to register the problem… then I realised my book has gone into Japan 🙂 that was 1,809 Yen 🙂 🙂

Phew 🙂

Tho’ I do have some signed copies that I would be willing to part with for £1,800 – HaHa – nice work if you can get it. lol !

Very Excited

Death Stings publishing date has been set as May 31st – Will be setting up a pre-order form on the website at the beginning of May so that you can get the first edition hot of the Press – before Amazon has it 🙂 !!!