Recommended Retail Price Part Two

Following on from my random thoughts a couple of months ago (about RRP and what effect that can have on our perception of a book). I have decided to do a random experiment on pricing… All the ebook prices of Death Pledge have been reduced to 1.99 in what ever currency they were originally priced – so $1.99 and £1.99 and €1.99 – yes, I am perfectly aware that has a different value in different currencies – but, as the original retail price was £3.50 transmogrified by the mystical Amazon Currency converter to its equivalent across the world, it is still a bargain in every currency.

My reasons – well 1) is to explore the psychology of buying – knowing that the book is available at €1.99 euros (so, cheaper than £1.99) will more people buy it in Europe than in the UK? 2) Is because I can and I am feeling a little decadent this week 🙂 …Must be the weather!

So rush and get it now, while the price is low, as I am just as liable to go the other side of sensible, next month :). Link

…well, I probably won’t… but, I might… 🙂

Death Pledge Inspiration Part 2 Hong Kong

A lot of the tension is built up by the murderer’s relentless pursuit of his victims. It was important to convey the localities and the tension. Part of establishing tension is to first set the mood of everything being normal.


Death Pledge – Inspiration Part 1 – England

As Death Pledge (originally Five Must Die) was my first published novel, it took a lot of research to get the feel for the places, people and circumstances that could be used as the setting for the book. The story-line was there, from the start, but where to set an international killer and his activities that could be written about with any authority? As an English writer, the British part of the book was fairly simple and loosely based on places, in Surrey and Hampshire, where I have lived and loved. Hong Kong was also a straightforward choice as a location I have explored and enjoyed and Greece has always felt a home from home.

Again pictures and photos fueled the imagination. Although the first murder takes place in Hongkong / the background to the key characters is England and the UK

First – Guildford – after so many years away, I needed a reminder about the town, shops and people

I am not the first to choose the area around Hambledon in Hampshire as the setting for a story!

The following are a few of the photos used to set the scenes in my mind