Death Pact – Inspiration Part 2 – Locations

Death PactDeath Pact is largely located in Beverley Hills, Hollywood and Mexico, so it was important to refresh my memory of all these locations with pictures.

Death Pact – Inspiration Part 1 – Secrets and Lies

As the third book in the Tale of Murder Series, it was important to make sure that the key elements of the plot did not echo those of the previous two books. This book had to be different and it had to be built from a different perspective. As an author, I was concerned that with the first two books written from a woman’s point of view, I might be boxing myself into a corner. This time I needed a hero – someone who would stand apart from the previous books in terms of location, outlook and expectation. This had to be a man with secrets and he had to live in a world where secrets were common. Hollywood and Beverley Hills seemed an obvious choice of location!

The snag is that my hero’s secret had to be one he would do a lot to keep but not because it would hurt him, more because it might hurt someone he loved. Unfortunately keeping this secret might get her killed – it would certainly cost the lives of at least two people before he works out that HE is the target and maybe more if he cannot work out why…